About the Repository

About Research Data Unipd

Research Data Unipd supports research produced by members of the University of Padova. The service aims to facilitate data discovery, data sharing, and reuse as required by funding institutions (eg. European Commission).


Datasets published in the Archive have a set of metadata that ensure that data are described and discoverable. Before publication, dataset records are checked by Editors for presence of appropriate metadata.

Metadata Policy

All published metadata are released under a CC0 licence.

Re-using data

We encourage Researchers to use licences on their datasets to promote reuse of the research data. The licence to be preferred is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, but several others are used. Any re-use must acknowledge the Creators in an appropriate manner, ideally through a citation similar to that provided with the record.

Recommended formats and data files

Formats and data files.

Submission policy

Submission policy concerning depositors, quality & copyright.

Data deposit agreement

Agreement to terms and conditions.

Linking to the Archive and datasets

The Archive URL is: http://researchdata.cab.unipd.it

The Archive automatically assigns a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each dataset.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this repository should be sent to the Library Helpline.