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Appendix Cryptocurrencies

Tusset, Gianfranco (2023) Appendix Cryptocurrencies. [Data Collection]

Collection description

The appendix contains the list of academic journals from which the articles used in the analysis were taken. It also contains a table showing the contribution of Most Debated Topics to the construction of the axes in Figure 3.

DOI: 10.25430/
Keywords: Evolution of cryptocurrency lexicon; text as data; academic debate
Subjects: Social Sciences and Humanities > Individuals, Markets and Organisations: Economics, finance and management > Macroeconomics; monetary economics; economic growth
Social Sciences and Humanities > The Human Mind and Its Complexity: Cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy of mind > Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali "Marco Fanno" (DSEA)
Depositing User: Gianfranco Tusset
Date Deposited: 31 Oct 2023 13:24
Last Modified: 31 Oct 2023 13:24
Type of data: Text
Collection period:
January 2015December 2022
Resource language: English
Metadata language: English
Publisher: Research Data Unipd
Date: 31 October 2023
Copyright holders: The Author

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