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Smartphone identification database

Meneghello, Francesca and Rossi, Michele and Bui, Nicola (2019) Smartphone identification database. [Data Collection]

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This folder is composed of six .mat files containing the data used in the article ''Smartphone Identification via Passive Traffic Fingerprinting: a Sequence-to-Sequence Learning Approach'' by Francesca Meneghello, Michele Rossi and Nicola Bui, DOI: 10.1109/MNET.001.1900101. The Python source code is available at If you use this dataset, please cite our paper: @article{Meneghello2020Network, author={Meneghello, Francesca and Rossi, Michele and Bui, Nicola}, journal={IEEE Network}, title={Smartphone Identification via Passive Traffic Fingerprinting: A Sequence-to-Sequence Learning Approach}, year={2020}, volume={34}, number={2}, pages={112-120} }

DOI: 10.25430/
Keywords: LTE control channel measurements, smartphone identification
Subjects: Physical:Sciences and Engineering > Systems and Communication Engineering: Electrical, electronic, communication, optical and systems engineering > Networks (communication networks, sensor networks, networks of robots, etc.)
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione (DEI)
Depositing User: Francesca Meneghello
Date Deposited: 08 Apr 2022 06:52
Last Modified: 08 Apr 2022 06:52
Type of data: Database
Research funder: MIUR
Research project title: Deparment of Excellence
Grant number: Law 232/20106
Collection period:
Resource language: English
Metadata language: English
Publisher: Research Data Unipd
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Date: 11 November 2019
Copyright holders: The Authors

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