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The way we were, the way we will be. Open science: a change in the scientific paradigm

Grassi, Massimo (2023) The way we were, the way we will be. Open science: a change in the scientific paradigm. [Data Collection]

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If we imagine a scientist sleeping for 15 years and waking up today we can just guess his/her surprise: open access journals, papers that are published along with accessible repositories where authors make available the data, the codes that they used to analyze the data and all the relevant digital materials. Even peer reviews are available to the reader, not to mention pre-registration documents that reveal step by step the origin of scientific path followed by the author! All of this is happening because of a double reason. First, we realised that science – often obscured behind paywalls – needed to be accessible by everyone. The second reason for this increase in transparency is perhaps is less noble: we realized that the science we were making needed some adjustments as many of the results reported in the literature were likely false positive. Altogether, this abrupt increment in research transparency and accessibility has been referred to as “open science”. In my talk I will review the major ideas that are emerging nowadays in science to increase accessibility, trustiness and transparency.

DOI: 10.25430/
Keywords: Open Science, Scienza Aperta
Subjects: Social Sciences and Humanities > The Human Mind and Its Complexity: Cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy of mind > Philosophy of science, epistemology, logic
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale (DPG)
Depositing User: Massimo Grassi
Date Deposited: 09 Mar 2023 11:03
Last Modified: 09 Mar 2023 11:03
Type of data: Other
Collection period:
10 January 202310 January 2023
Resource language: English
Metadata language: English
Publisher: Research Data Unipd
Date: 9 March 2023
Copyright holders: The Author

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