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Edentulism and prosthetic rehabilitation in older men and women. Does gender matter? Results from the longitudinal Pro.V.A. Study

Musacchio, Estella (2023) Edentulism and prosthetic rehabilitation in older men and women. Does gender matter? Results from the longitudinal Pro.V.A. Study. [Data Collection]

Collection description

This data set is part of the Pro.V.A. Study database. The Pro.V.A. Study is an observational cohort study of an Italian population aged ≥65 yrs living in Northeastern Italy, focused on the effects of cardiovascular and osteoarticular diseases on disability. The study population included 3099 subjects at baseline /started in 1995), 2196 at follow up 1 and 1641 at follow up 2 (5 and 7 yrs later, respectively).

DOI: 10.25430/
Keywords: edentulism, elderly, gender, prosthetic rehabilitation, social factors
Subjects: Life Sciences > Physiology, Pathophysiology and Endocrinology: Organ physiology, pathophysiology, endocrinology, metabolism, ageing, tumorigenesis, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndromes > Non-communicable diseases (except for neural/psychiatric and immunity-related)
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Medicina (DIMED)
Depositing User: Estella Musacchio
Date Deposited: 22 May 2023 12:45
Last Modified: 22 May 2023 12:45
Type of data: Database
Research funder: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, Padova, Italy
Research project title: Progetto Veneto Anziani
Grant number: na
Collection period:
Geographic coverage: Northeastern Italy
Data collection method: Participants were randomly selected between 1995 and 1997 using a multistage stratified method. The baseline assessment was followed by two in-person follow-up with ongoing mortality and morbidity surveillance All the participants signed an informed written consent form, were interviewed at their homes, and examined by specially trained physicians and nurses who followed a protocol consisting of an extensive battery of clinical, instrumental, biochemical and physical performance tests, at the two clinic facilities provided for the study’s implementation. Details can be found in: Corti MC, Guralnik JM, Sartori L, Baggio G, Manzato E, Pezzotti P, Barbato G, Zambon S, Ferrucci L, Minervini S, Musacchio E, Crepaldi G. The effect of cardiovascular and osteoarticular diseases on disability in older Italian men and women: rationale, design, and sample characteristics of the Progetto Veneto Anziani (PRO.V.A.) study. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2002 Sep;50(9):1535-40. doi: 10.1046/j.1532-5415.2002.50409.x. PMID: 12383151
Resource language: italian, english
Metadata language: italian, english
Publisher: Research Data Unipd
Date: 4 May 2023
Copyright holders: The Author

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