University of Padua

Recommended formats and data files

In science, data should be archived in a format that enables readability in the future.

It's recommended to avoid proprietary formats. Proprietary means that a corporation or an individual owns the format or is under a trademark. In that case, it depends on the developers or developing corporation how long the format can be used. When a format is open, it means that the documentation is freely available so that it can be used in the future.

If you are not aware of any disciplinary standards, these are some good file formats for the preservation of the most common data types:

For more information on the recommended file formats for data sharing, reuse and preservation, see UK Data Service "Recommended Formats".

Individual disk space and file size

The maximum file size for individual upload is 4 GB. The total disk space for each depositor is 20 GB.

If you need to submit an individual upload that exceeds the maximum file size or you need more space, please get in touch with the Library Helpline.