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Stable psychological traits predict perceived stress related to the COVID-19 outbreak

Monaro, Merylin and Flesia, Luca and Fietta, Valentina and Segatto, Barbara and Colicino, Elena (2020) Stable psychological traits predict perceived stress related to the COVID-19 outbreak. [Data Collection]

Collection description

This repository contains the raw dataset associated to the scientific article "Stable psychological traits predict psychological perceived stress to COVID-19 outbreak”, by L. Flesia, V. Fietta, B. Segatto, M. Monaro. Data are contained in the excel file and organized as follows: - the entire dataset used by the authors to perform statistical analysis - the training set used by the authors to train and validate ML models - the test set used by the authors to test the ML models The "Legend" file contains the description of each variable in the excel file. The step by step instructions to replicate the results of ML classification models, which are reported in the paper, including two .arff files containing the training and test set od data that can be directly run in WEKA software 3.9. The "COVID-19 QUESTIONNAIRE" file contains the English version of the questions administered to participants.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3753551
Keywords: stress, COVID-19, pandemic, epidemic, psychological distress, mental health
Subjects: Social Sciences and Humanities > The Social World, Diversity, Population: Sociology, social psychology, social anthropology, demography, education, communication > Health, ageing and society
Social Sciences and Humanities > The Human Mind and Its Complexity: Cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy of mind > Clinical and health psychology
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Psicologia Generale (DPG)
Depositing User: Research Data Unipd
Date Deposited: 18 Oct 2023 11:52
Last Modified: 18 Oct 2023 11:52
Type of data: Text
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Resource language: en
Metadata language: en
Publisher: Zenodo
Date: 2020
Copyright holders: The Authors

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