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A porous gelatin methacrylate-based material for 3D cell-laden constructs

Cimetta, Elisa (2022) A porous gelatin methacrylate-based material for 3D cell-laden constructs. [Data Collection]

Collection description

All original data for the manuscript "A porous gelatin methacrylate-based material for 3D cell-laden constructs" Abstract: Three-dimensional constructs are fundamental in tissue engineering and cancer modelling, generating a demand for tailored materials creating a suitable microenvironment for cell culture and amenable to be shaped through techniques such as bioprinting. Gelatin methacrylate (GelMA) is a well-known functionalized natural polymer with good printability and binding motifs allowing cell adhesion. Encapsulated cells however tend to retain a spherical shape because of the tight internal structure characterized by microscale pores. In this work, we blended GelMa with Pluronic F-127 (PLU) to modify the hydrogels’ internal porosity. We found that adding 0.5% w/v PLU resulted in a structure characterized by larger mesoscale pores surrounded by the typical microscale GelMA network. The increase in porosity also led to an increased swelling ability and a slight decrease in the Young’s modulus. All blends formed stable hydrogels both when cast in annular molds and bioprinted in more complex structures. Embedded tumor and non-tumor cells maintained high cell viability and behaved differently: neuroblastoma cells (SK-N-AS) showed a tendency to form aggregates inside the mesoscale pores, while mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) stretched in all three dimensions, forming cell-cell and cell-ECM interactions using the free space of the large pores.

DOI: 10.25430/
Keywords: Hydrogels; bioprinting; cell-laden constructs; cancer modeling.
Subjects: Physical:Sciences and Engineering > Products and Processes Engineering: Product design, process design and control, construction methods, civil engineering, energy processes, material engineering > Chemical engineering, technical chemistry
Department: Departments > Dipartimento di Ingegneria industriale (DII)
Depositing User: Elisa Cimetta
Date Deposited: 09 Aug 2022 06:29
Last Modified: 09 Aug 2022 06:29
Type of data: Image
Research funder: European Commission
Research project title: MICRONEX
Grant number: UERI17
Collection period:
Resource language: English
Metadata language: English
Publisher: Research Data Unipd
Date: 8 August 2022
Copyright holders: The Author

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