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Baldoni, Sara and Battisti, Federica and Chiariotti, Federico and Mistrorigo, Fabio and Shofi, Alfi Baqiatus and Testolina, Paolo and Traspadini, Alessandro and Zanella, Andrea and Zorzi, Michele (2024) Questset. [Data Collection]

Broseghini, Anna and Stasek, Markus and Loõke, Miina and Guerineau, Cecile and Marinelli, Lieta and Mongillo, Paolo (2024) Pictorial depth cues elicit the perception of tridimensionality in dogs. [Data Collection]


Calistri, Arianna (2024) oHSV-1 behavior in MDA-MB-231 cells. [Data Collection]

Calistri, Arianna (2024) oncolytic HSV-1: IF and brightfield data. [Data Collection]

Caroccia, Brasilina and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2024) Double CYP11B1/CYP11B2 Immunohistochemistry and Detection of KCNJ5 Mutations in Primary Aldosteronism. [Data Collection]

Ceccato, Filippo and Tizianel, Irene (2024) Prevalence of metabolic-associated fatty liver disease in patients with primary aldosteronism. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2024) Cancer-on-a-Chip Platform to Study Metastatic Microenvironments. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2024) Comparative Study of Spheroids (3D) and Monolayer Cultures (2D) for the In Vitro Assessment of Cytotoxicity Induced by the Mycotoxins Sterigmatocystin, Ochratoxin A and Patulin. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2024) Microfluidic approaches for producing lipid-based nanoparticles for drug delivery applications. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2024) Verteporfin induces apoptosis and reduces the stem cell-like properties in Neuroblastoma tumour-initiating cells through inhibition of the YAP/TAZ pathway. [Data Collection]

Collini, Elisabetta (2024) Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Characterization of Fucoxanthin – Chlorophyll Protein. [Data Collection]

Corregidor-Castro, Alejandro and Pilastro, Andrea and Rubolini, Diego and Morinay, Jennifer and Romano, Andrea and Morganti, Michelangelo and Cecere, Jacopo G. (2024) Behaviour at the nest - data repository. [Data Collection]

Costa, Nicole and Bonetto, Alessandro and Ferretti, Patrizia and Casarotto, Bruno and Massironi, Matteo and Altieri, Francesca and Nava, Jacopo and Favero, Marco (2024) Martian simulant analysis dataset. [Data Collection]


Day, Maxwell C. and Jollands, Michael C. and Novella, Davide and Nestola, Fabrizio and Dovesi, Roberto and Pamato, Martha G. (2024) Database of observed and calculated infrared peaks for hydrogen-related defects in natural diamond. [Data Collection]


Furlanetto, Davide and Camporese, Matteo and Schenato, Luca and Costa, Leonardo and Salandin, Paolo (2024) Fiber optics passive monitoring of groundwater temperature reveals three-dimensional structures in heterogeneous aquifers: data and codes repository. [Data Collection]


Giorgia, Riuzzi and Federica, Sbettega and Saraya, Tavorpanich and Paulette, Posen and Barbara, Contiero and Matteo, Mazzucato and Severino, Segato and Nicola, Ferrè (2024) Expert opinion elicitation on GIS use for surveillance and disease response in the aquatic animal health domain. [Data Collection]

Gjulio, Ashta (2024) Exo placebo order picking experimental campaign. [Data Collection]


Katiraee, Niloofar and Berti, Nicola and Das, Ajay and Zennaro, Ilenia and Aldrighetti, Riccardo and Dimovski, Vlado and Peljhan, Darja and Dobbs, Debra and Christoph, Glock and Pacheco, Gail and NEUMANN, patrick and Ogawa, Ami and Battini, Daria (2024) A new roadmap for an age-inclusive workforce management practice and an international policies comparison. [Data Collection]


la Cecilia, Daniele (2024) Data for Periodic protected agriculture mapping at continental scales with Sentinel-2 imagery within the Google Earth Engine platform. [Data Collection]


Martin, Matteo and Pedersen, Morten Gram (2024) Computer code for analysis of mixed-oscillations in cortical neurons. [Data Collection]

Massironi, Matteo (2024) Small bodies geological and geostructural analysis. [Data Collection]


Occhi, Gianluca and Ceccato, Filippo (2024) Paradoxical response to GH predicts glucose metabolism alterations in acromegaly. [Data Collection]


Panzeri, Marta (2024) BISF (Brief Index of Sexual Functioning). [Data Collection]

Puchi, Paulina and Castagneri, Daniele (2024) TP and OJP xylem anatomical chronologies. [Data Collection]

Puppin, Alice and Tognin, Davide and D'Alpaos, Andrea (2024) Spatial patterns of Organic Matter content in the surface soil of the salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon (Italy). [Data Collection]


Rubaltelli, Enrico (2024) Trait emotional intelligence and endurance performance in running. [Data Collection]


Udali, Alberto and Grigolato, Stefano (2024) Logging residues mass and volume from systematic literature review. [Data Collection]


Zago, Daniele and Capizzi, Giovanna and Qiu, Peihua (2024) Optimal constrained design of control charts using stochastic approximations. [Data Collection]

Zanella, Andrea and Ridolfo, Enrico and Pasti, Mattia (2024) SVRUM: Safety-system for Vulnerable Road User's Mobility. [Data Collection]

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