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Data Collection

Andreoli, Lorisa (2019) Restauro di beni mobili della Biblioteca dell'Orto botanico di Padova. Restoration of cultural assets of the Padua Botanical Garden. [Data Collection]

Baiesi, Marco and Orlandini, Enzo and Seno, Flavio and Trovato, Antonio (2019) Sequence and structural patterns detected in entangled proteins. [Data Collection]

Caroccia, Brasilina and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2019) Aldosterone Stimulates Its Biosynthesis Via A Novel GPER Mediated Mechanism. [Data Collection]

Castro, Aurelio and Testoni, Ines and Zamperini, Adriano and Ronconi, Lucia and Galantin, Laura Padmah and Caraceni, Augusto (2019) The Implicit Soul: factors between the representation of death and dehumanization of patients. [Data Collection]

Di Toro, Giulio and Aretusini, Stefano (2019) High velocity friction data and thermochemical modeling data of smectite-rich STx-1b (vacuum dry, room humidity and water partly saturated). [Data Collection]

Durighetto, Nicola and Vingiani, Filippo and Bertassello, Leonardo Enrico and Camporese, Matteo and Botter, Gianluca (2019) Intra-seasonal drainage network dynamics in a headwater catchment of the Italian Alps. [Data Collection]

Koide, Kenji and Menegatti, Emanuele (2019) A dataset for hand-eye calibration evaluation. [Data Collection]

Lenzini, Livia and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2019) PTH Biosynthesis Regulation by Aldosterone and Angiotensin II is Blunted in Human Hyperaldosteronism and Rescued by Adrenalectomy. [Data Collection]

Li, Xia (2019) Apatite fission-track signatures of the Ross Sea ice flows during the Last Glacial Maximum. [Data Collection]

Mary, Benjamin (2019) Dataset for the publication "Assessing the extent of citrus trees root apparatus under deficit irrigation via multi-method geo-electrical imaging". [Data Collection]

Meneghello, Francesca and Rossi, Michele and Bui, Nicola (2019) Smartphone identification database. [Data Collection]

Piazza, Maria and Seccia, Teresa Maria and Caroccia, Brasilina and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2019) Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Autoantibodies (AT1AA): Cause or Consequence of Human Primary Aldosteronism? [Data Collection]

Rossi, Gian Paolo and Ceolotto, Giulio and Rossitto, Giacomo and Maiolino, Giuseppe and Cesari, Maurizio and Seccia, Teresa Maria (2019) Effects of MIneralocorticoid and AT-1 Receptor Antagonism on The Diagnosis of Primary Aldosteronism (EMIRA Study). [Data Collection]

Rossi, Gian Paolo and Lenzini, Livia (2019) Supplemental data on "Drug-Resistant Hypertension in A Large Registry of Primary Aldosteronism". [Data Collection]

Rossitto, Giacomo and Rossi, Gian Paolo and Lenzini, Livia (2019) Supplemental Data and Methods: Subtyping of Primary Aldosteronism in the AVIS-2 Study: Assessment of Selectivity and Lateralisation. [Data Collection]

Rubaltelli, Enrico and Lotto, Lorella (2019) Short-term incentives make people save more for the future. [Data Collection]

Zane, Antonella (2019) Studio mineralogico-petrografico dei reperti in pietra ollare della rocca di Monselice. [Data Collection]

Ziliani, Luca and Surian, Nicola and Botter, Gianluca and Mao, Luca (2019) Supplementary Material - "Assessment of geomorphic effectiveness of controlled floods in a braided river using a reduced-complexity numerical model". [Data Collection]

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