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Data Collection

Biancalani, Gianmarco and Ronconi, Lucia and Testoni, Ines (2022) Social networking behaviors differences between Italian gay and heterosexual men. [Data Collection]

Botter, Gianluca and Carozzani, Anna and Peruzzo, Paolo and Durighetto, Nicola (2022) Steps dominate gas evasion from a mountain headwater stream. [Data Collection]

Caroccia, Brasilina and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2022) Aldosterone Biosynthesis is Potently Stimulated by the Common Environmental Pollutants Perfluoroalkyl Acids. [Data Collection]

Caroccia, Brasilina and Shagjaa, Tungalagtamir (2022) Exclusion tests in Unilateral Primary Aldosteronism (ExcluPA) Study: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. [Data Collection]

Ceccato, Filippo (2022) Dynamic testing for differential diagnosis of ACTH-dependent Cushing Syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

Ceccato, Filippo (2022) An early paradoxical GH increase after glucose load characterises non-acromegalic patients with high IGF-1 levels. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2022) EVs from hypoxic NB cells stimulate migration and invasion of target cells via miR-210-3p. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2022) Modeling-based design specifications for microfluidic gradients generators for biomedical applications. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2022) A porous gelatin methacrylate-based material for 3D cell-laden constructs. [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa and Zanella, Luca and Bezzo, Fabrizio and Facco, Pierantonio (2022) Feature selection and molecular classification of cancer phenotypes: a comparative study. [Data Collection]

Del Rio, Luca (2022) Architecture of active extensional faults in carbonates: Campo Felice and Monte D’Ocre Faults, Italian Apennines. [Data Collection]

Durighetto, Nicola and Botter, Gianluca (2022) On the relationship between active network length and catchment discharge. [Data Collection]

Finotello, Alvise and Tognin, Davide (2022) Hydrodynamic feedback of salt-marsh loss in shallow back-barrier tidal systems. [Data Collection]

Frosolini, Andrea and Badin, Giulio and Sorrentino, Flavia and Brotto, Davide and Pessot, Nicholas and Fantin, Francesco and Ceschin, Federica and Lovato, Andrea and Coppola, Nicola and Mancuso, Antonio and Vedovelli, Luca and Marioni, Gino and de Filippis, Cosimo (2022) Application of Patients Reported Outcome measures in Cochlear Implant patients: implications for the design of specific rehabilitation programs. [Data Collection]

Grigolato, Stefano and Cadei, Alberto (2022) Full-mechanized CTL production data in Scots pine forest in Poland. [Data Collection]

Loõke, Miina and Kanizsar, Orsolya and Guerineau, Cecile and Mongillo, Paolo and Marinelli, Lieta (2022) Dataset for paper "Dogs’ ability to follow the trajectory of temporarily invisible moving objects: ability to track and expect are shaped by experience". [Data Collection]

Magrin, Luisa and Contiero, Barbara and Cozzi, Giulio and Gottardo, Flaviana (2022) Data on gastrointestinal and claw disorders in veal calves and beef cattle. [Data Collection]

Mammano, Fabio (2022) Data related to article titled "A quantitative assay for Ca2+ uptake through normal and pathological hemichannels". [Data Collection]

Masoch, Simone (2022) Architecture of an exhumed crustal-scale seismogenic source in the continental crust (Bolfin Fault Zone, Atacama Fault System, Chile). [Data Collection]

Masotina, Mariavittoria and Spagnolli, Anna (2022) Privacy notices_BIT paper. [Data Collection]

Meneghello, Francesca and Garlisi, Domenico and Dal Fabbro, Nicolò and Tinnirello, Ilenia and Rossi, Michele (2022) Wi-Fi channel frequency response database for contactless human activity recognition. [Data Collection]

Meneghello, Francesca and Rossi, Michele and Restuccia, Francesco (2022) MU-MIMO Wi-Fi beamforming feedback matrices database for radio fingerprinting. [Data Collection]

Nestola, Fabrizio (2022) Elastic parameters of diamond. [Data Collection]

Nestola, Fabrizio (2022) Elastic parameters of kyanite. [Data Collection]

Nestola, Fabrizio (2022) FTIR data of diamond. [Data Collection]

Nestola, Fabrizio (2022) Olivine Fo100. [Data Collection]

Panzeri, Marta (2022) OPQ. [Data Collection]

Panzeri, Marta and Tortora, Carla and Paruta, Cristina (2022) New couples during lockdown. [Data Collection]

Peruzzo, Paolo and Di Micco, Luigi (2022) Distensibility of Deformable Aortic Replicas Assessed by an Integrated In-Vitro and In-Silico Approach - DATA. [Data Collection]

Petit, Giai and Zambonini, Dario and Hesse, Benjamin D. and Häberle, Karl-Heinz (2022) Dataset of "No xylem phenotypic plasticity in mature Picea abies and Fagus sylvatica trees after five years of throughfall precipitation exclusion". [Data Collection]

Puppin, Alice and Tognin, Davide and D'Alpaos, Andrea (2022) Blue Carbon assessment of the salt marshes of the Venice Lagoon, Italy. [Data Collection]

Rizzoli, Valentina (2022) EJSP Corpus 1971-2016. [Data Collection]

Rossi, Gian Paolo and Bagordo, Domenico (2022) Coronary Sinus Diameter to Predict Residual Congestion and Survival in Hemodialysis Patients (CORSICO Study): A Pilot Study. [Data Collection]

Rossitto, Giacomo (2022) Skin-specific mechanisms of body fluid regulation in hypertension. [Data Collection]

Stiletto, Alice and Trestini, Samuele (2022) Is it really a piece of cake to label Geographical Indications with the Nutri-Score? Consumers’ behaviour and policy implications. [Data Collection]

Tognin, Davide and D'Alpaos, Andrea and Ghinassi, Massimiliano and Carniello, Luca (2022) Salt-marsh topography and sedimentation data. [Data Collection]

Valerio, Enrico and Stocchero, Matteo (2022) Urinary metabotypes of newborns with perinatal asphyxia undergoing therapeutic hypothermia. [Data Collection]


Zattin, Massimiliano (2022) Multiple exhumation episodes during the Cenozoic Tibetan Plateau build-up. [Data Collection]

Zoccarato, Claudia (2022) Loading Experiment Database - Venice Lagoon (Italy). [Data Collection]

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