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Broseghini, Anna and Guerineau, Cecile and Loõke, Miina and Mariti, Chiara and Serpell, James and Marinelli, Lieta and Mongillo, Paolo (2023) Canine Behaviour and Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ): validation of the Italian translation. [Data Collection]

Broseghini, Anna and Loõke, Miina and Brscic, Marta and Raffaghelli, Juliana and Cardazzo, Barbara and Lotti, Antonella and Cavicchioli, Laura and Marinelli, Lieta (2023) Exploring the effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning in an international bachelor of veterinary science: students' satisfaction, experience and learning. [Data Collection]


Ceccato, Filippo (2023) Heat inactivation of SARS-CoV 2 enabled the measurement of salivary cortisol during COVID-19 pandemic. [Data Collection]

Ceccato, Filippo (2023) Second line tests in the differential diagnosis of neoplastic and non-neoplastic hypercortisolism: a systematic review and meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

Chinello, Miriana and Bersan, Elena and Fondriest, Michele and Tesei, Telemaco and Gomila, Rodrigo and Di Toro, Giulio (2023) Seismic cycle in bituminous dolostones (Monte Camicia Thrust, Central Apennines, Italy). [Data Collection]

Cimetta, Elisa (2023) Development of an in vitro neuroblastoma 3D model and its application for sterigmatocystin-induced cytotoxicity testing. [Data Collection]

Corregidor-Castro, Alejandro and Morinay, Jennifer and McKinlay, Susan E. and Ramellini, Samuele and Assandri, Giacomo and Bazzi, Gaia and Glavaschi, Alexandra and De Capua, Enrico L. and Grapputo, Alessandro and Romano, Andrea and Morganti, Michelangelo and Cecere, Jacopo G. and Pilastro, Andrea and Rubolini, Diego (2023) Experimental nest cooling reveals dramatic effects of heatwaves on reproduction in a Mediterranean bird of prey. [Data Collection]


Durighetto, Nicola and Botter, Gianluca (2023) Dataset: Extending active network length vs. catchment discharge relations to temporarily-dry outlets. [Data Collection]


Ferro, Paolo (2023) Data for: Materials Selection in a Critical Raw Materials Perspective. [Data Collection]


Gomila, Rodrigo and Fondriest, Michele and Jensen, Erik and Spagnuolo, Elena and Masoch, Simone and Mitchell, Thomas and Magnarini, Giulia and Bistacchi, Andrea and Mittempergher, Silvia and Faulkner, Daniel and Cembrano, José and Di Toro, Giulio (2023) Frictional Melting in Hydrothermal Fluid-Rich Faults: Field and Experimental Evidence From the Bolfín Fault Zone (Chile). [Data Collection]

Grassi, Massimo (2023) The way we were, the way we will be. Open science: a change in the scientific paradigm. [Data Collection]


Masoch, Simone and Gomila, Rodrigo and Fondriest, Michele and Jensen, Erik and Mitchell, Thomas and Pennacchioni, Giorgio and Cembrano, José and Di Toro, Giulio (2023) Structural Evolution of a Crustal-Scale Seismogenic Fault in a Magmatic Arc: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System). [Data Collection]

Masoch, Simone and Pennacchioni, Giorgio (2023) Electron backscatter diffraction data for epidote-rich sheared veins from the Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System, Chile). [Data Collection]

Massironi, Matteo (2023) GEOPLANET IO8 Geological 3D Model. [Data Collection]

Massironi, Matteo and Breda, Anna and Pozzobon, Riccardo (2023) IO9 GEOPLANET Field Trip Guide. [Data Collection]

Massironi, Matteo and Breda, Anna and Pozzobon, Riccardo and Tognon, Gloria (2023) GeoPlanet IO10, field data collection - 3D models. [Data Collection]

Morosinotto, Tomas and Beraldo, Claudia and Alboresi, Alessandro (2023) Functional analysis of PsbS transmembrane domains through base editing in Physcomitrium patens. [Data Collection]

Musacchio, Estella (2023) Edentulism and prosthetic rehabilitation in older men and women. Does gender matter? Results from the longitudinal Pro.V.A. Study. [Data Collection]


Nardi, Davide and Bozzini, Aurora and Morgante, Giuseppe and Finozzi, Valerio and Gaccione, Angelo and Battisti, Andrea (2023) Participatory ground data are complementary to satellite bark beetle detection. [Data Collection]

Noto, Simone and Durighetto, Nicola and Tauro, Flavia and Grimaldi, Salvatore and Botter, Gianluca (2023) Characterizing space-time channel network dynamics in a seasonally dry catchment of central Italy combining visual surveys and cameras. [Data Collection]

Noto, Simone and Tauro, Flavia and Petroselli, Andrea and Apollonio, Ciro and Botter, Gianluca and Grimaldi, Salvatore (2023) Low-cost stage-camera system for continuous water-level monitoring in ephemeral streams. [Data Collection]


Panzeri, Marta (2023) Klinefelter. [Data Collection]

Panzeri, Marta (2023) OPQ. [Data Collection]

Peruffo, Nicola and Collini, Elisabetta (2023) 2DES data nanohybrids. [Data Collection]

Peruzzo, Paolo and Cappozzo, Matteo and Durighetto, Nicola and Botter, Gianluca (2023) Dataset: unraveling the dynamics of gas evasion in a step-and-pool configuration. [Data Collection]


Quaresimin, Marino and Carraro, Paolo Andrea and Maragoni, Lucio (2023) Data for: Characterisation and analysis of transverse crack-induced delamination in cross-ply composite laminates under fatigue loadings. [Data Collection]


Rassati, Davide (2023) Data for Mas et al. "Investigating beetle communities in and around entry points can improve surveillance at national and international scale". [Data Collection]

Rugani, Rosa and Platt, Michael and Yujia, Zhang and Brannon, Elizabeth (2023) Magnitude shifts spatial attention from left to right in young rhesus monkeys. [Data Collection]


Salicari, Leonardo and Baiesi, Marco and Orlandini, Enzo and Trovato, Antonio (2023) Folding of an Entangled Protein. [Data Collection]

Salicari, Leonardo and Trovato, Antonio (2023) Entangled motifs in membrane protein structures. [Data Collection]

Seccia, Teresa Maria and Rossi, Gian Paolo (2023) RAndomized Clinical Trial Of NAfamostat Mesylate, A Potent Transmembrane Protease Serine 2 (TMPRSS2) Inhibitor, in patients with Covid-19 pneumonia: Safety SUPPLEMENTAL DATA. [Data Collection]

Serva, Lorenzo and Andrighetto, Igino and Segato, Severino and Marchesini, Giorgio and Chinello, Maria and Magrin, Luisa (2023) Data collection on maize silage quality undergone different pre-ensiling conditions. [Data Collection]


Turri, Vanessa Mascia and Bassoli, Matteo and Baratin, Anna (2023) 2021 Dataset on local gambling regulations in Italy. [Data Collection]


Vianello, Francesca Alice (2023) Database parziale progetto MigOccH. [Data Collection]

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