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Barone, Ilaria and Cassiani, Giorgio and Ourabah, Amine and Boaga, Jacopo and Pavoni, Mirko and Deiana, Rita (2021) Surface wave tomography using dense 3D data around the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy. [Data Collection]

Bassoli, Matteo and Baratin, Anna and Cagnoli, Federica and Andreato, Mariachiara and Antonello, Patrich and Bassi, Alberto and Bellotti, Damiano and Bordin, Bordin and Bresolin, Gian Paolo and Brugin, Sofia and Carion, Alessandro and Carlotto, Gabriele and Casarotto, Riccardo and Chinellato, Cecilia and Chinellato, Elisa and Dal Santo, Giulia and Dalla Via, Tarita and Di Felice, Lorenza and Farinelli, Pierpaolo and Ferrara, Mirko and Fichera, Cristina and Flore, Alessia and Giarola, Michele and Girotti, Chiara and Giuffrè, Giulio and Giuliani, Martina and Lentini, Davide and Leone, Serena and Martinello, Mattia and Mazzon, Giacomo and Modafferi, Franco Leonardo and Niero, Mattia and Panerotti, Erika and Pasqualini, Silvia and Pavan, Elia and Perrone, Mattia and Quaggiotto, Davide and Sgobbi, Marco and Simionato, Anna and Tadiotto, Giovanni and Targa, Maddalena and Trafeli, Marco and Turrini, Anna and Volpato, Pierandrea and Zaminato, Irene and Zanelli, Carolina and Zerajic De Giorgio, Maria Emilia (2021) 2020 Dataset on local gambling regulations in Italy. [Data Collection]

Bassoli, Matteo and Graziano, Paolo and Perini, Lorenza and Quattromani, Dario and Stortone, Stefano and Biacca, Elisa and Colavolpe, Greta and Capovilla, Giacomo and Dell'Antone, Elisabetta and Onorato, Angela and Maiella, Michele and Recchia, Christian and Valletta, Carmen (2021) 2019 Dataset of Participatory Budgeting in Italy. [Data Collection]

Botter, Gianluca and Peruzzo, Paolo and Durighetto, Nicola (2021) Heterogeneity matters: aggregation bias of reach-wise gas transfer velocity vs. energy dissipation rate relationships - DATASET. [Data Collection]


Ceccato, Filippo (2021) Lipid content in adrenal incidentaloma. [Data Collection]

Ceccato, Filippo (2021) Mineralocorticoid treatment in adrenal insufficiency. [Data Collection]

Cegolon, Luca and Mirandola, Mattia and Salaris, Claudio and Salvati, Maria Vittoria and Mastrangelo, Giuseppe and Salata, Cristiano (2021) Data referring to the paper: Hypothiocyanite and Hypothiocyanite/Lactoferrin Mixture Exhibit Virucidal Activity In Vitro against SARS-CoV-2. [Data Collection]


Del Rio, Luca (2021) Active faulting and deep-seated gravitational slope deformation in carbonate rocks (central Apennines, Italy): a new “close-up” view. [Data Collection]

Donati, Viola and Peres, Chiara and Nardin, Chiara and Scavizzi, Ferdinando and Raspa, Marcello and Ciubotaru, Catalin D. and Bortolozzi, Mario and Mammano, Fabio (2021) Calcium signaling in the photodamaged skin. [Data Collection]


Ez-zaki, Hassan and Valentini, Luca (2021) A Fresh View on Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) - Supplementary Material. [Data Collection]


Locatello, Lisa and Borgheresi, Oliviero and Poli, Federica and Pilastro, Andrea and Rasotto, Maria (2021) Data from: Black goby territorial males adjust their ejaculate’s characteristics in response to the presence of sneakers. [Data Collection]


Mancktelow, N. S. and Camacho, A. and Pennacchioni, G. (2021) Time-lapse record of an earthquake in the dry felsic lower continental crust preserved in a pseudotachylyte-bearing fault (Full Supporting Information). [Data Collection]

Mancktelow, N. S. and Camacho, A. and Pennacchioni, G. (2021) Time-lapse record of an earthquake in the dry felsic lower continental crust preserved in a pseudotachylyte-bearing fault (Supporting Information). [Data Collection]

Marani, Marco and Katul, Gabriel and Pan, William and Parolari, Anthony (2021) A Global Epidemics Dataset (1500-2020). [Data Collection]

Marchioro, M. (2021) Matteo Marchioro. 2021. Improved light traps for early-detection of alien insects travelling worldwide in shipping containers. [Data Collection]

Marchioro, Matteo and Ciampitti, Mariangela and Faccoli, Massimo (2021) Testing trapping protocols for detecting the Citrus Longhorn Beetle, Anoplophora chinensis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). [Data Collection]

Masoch, Simone (2021) Structural evolution of a crustal-scale seismogenic fault in a magmatic arc: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System). [Data Collection]

Mirandola, Mattia and Salvati, Maria Vittoria and Rodigari, Carola and Mirazimi, Ali and Maffei, Massimo and Gribaudo, Giorgio and Salata, Cristiano (2021) Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Extracts with a High Content of A-Type Proanthocyanidins Strongly Impair Hazara Virus Attachment to Target Cells. [Data Collection]

Montuori, Chiara and Melchiorre, Francesca and Vardanega, Tullio (2021) Fitting Computer Science orientation in K12 education - Supplemental material. [Data Collection]


Neimeyer, Robert and Ronconi, Lucia and Biancalani, Gianmarco and Antonellini, Marco and Testoni, Ines (2021) Bereavement between stressful life experiences and complicated spiritual grief: Italian validation of a constructionist assessment. [Data Collection]


Pedersen, Morten Gram (2021) Mathematical model for ATP and Ca2+ signalling in damaged skin. [Data Collection]

Peruzzo, Paolo (2021) Available data - Numerical Models Can Assist Choice of an Aortic Phantom for In Vitro Testing. [Data Collection]

Peruzzo, Paolo (2021) Data of numerical simulations on micropumps. [Data Collection]

Peruzzo, Paolo and Shi, Wei and Defina, Andrea (2021) Retention of floating particles captured by emergent vegetation through capillarity - Data. [Data Collection]

Petit, Giai and Bleve, Gianluca and Gallo, Antonia and Mita, Giovanni and Montanaro, Giuseppe and Nuzzo, Vitale and Zambonini, Dario and Pitacco, Andrea (2021) Dataset of article "Susceptibility to Xylella fastidiosa and functional xylem anatomy in Olea europaea: revisiting a tale of plant-pathogen interaction". [Data Collection]


Rassati, Davide (2021) Data referring to the paper "Ambrosia beetle response to ethanol concentration and host tree species" by Cavaletto et al. [Data Collection]

Rugani, Rosa and Platt, Michael and Chen, Zhaoying and Brannon, Elizabeth M (2021) Relative numerical middle in rhesus monkeys. [Data Collection]

Rugani, Rosa and Regolin, Lucia (2021) Approach direction or response times? A new measure for spatial numerical association in the day-old domestic chick (Gallus gallus) Hemispheric processing of spatial numerical information. [Data Collection]


Shi, Wei and Peruzzo, Paolo and Defina, Andrea (2021) Data particle dispersion. [Data Collection]

Stortone, Stefano and Pittella, Giorgio and Bassoli, Matteo (2021) 2018 Dataset of Participatory Budgeting in Italy. [Data Collection]


Testoni, Ines and Ronconi, Lucia and Petrini, Flavia and Navalesi, Paolo and Antonellini, Marco and Biancalani, Gianmarco and Brondolo, Elizabeth and Crupi, Robert and Capozza, Dora (2021) Covid-19 distress between moral injury and dehumanization. A study with Italian healthcare professionals during the first COVID-19 pandemic period. [Data Collection]

Tognin, Davide and Finotello, Alvise and D'Alpaos, Andrea and Carniello, Luca (2021) Morphodynamics of tidal landforms in flood-regulated coastal systems. [Data Collection]

Tognon, Gloria and Pozzobon, Riccardo and Ferrari, Sabrina and Massironi, Matteo (2021) Tsiolkovskiy crater, the Moon - Mapping products. [Data Collection]


Uemura, Mizuki and Meglič, Andrej and Zalucki, Myron and Battisti, Andrea and Belušič, Gregor (2021) Caterpillar polarisation vision: Histological methods and Rcodes for behavioural analyses. [Data Collection]


Vingiani, Filippo and Durighetto, Nicola and Klaus, Marcus and Schelker, Jakob and Labasque, Thierry and Botter, Gianluca (2021) Evaluating stream CO2 outgassing via drifting and anchored flux chambers in a controlled flume experiment [repository]. [Data Collection]


Zamuner, Stefano and Seno, Flavio and Trovato, Antonio (2021) Statistical potentials from the Gaussian scaling behaviour of chain fragments buried within protein globules. [Data Collection]

Zanetti, Francesca and Durighetto, Nicola and Vingiani, Filippo and Botter, Gianluca (2021) Analysing river network dynamics and active length - discharge relationship using water presence sensors. [Data Collection]

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